We are now offering pet portraits! Here we have a nice “hero shot” of our favorite little dog, Fuzzleton. As his owner likes to say, he’s only guilty of one thing… Loving too much! We can photograph pretty much any pet and make it look great for you! Give us a call today to set up an appointment to photograph your pets. If you don’t have a pet, perhaps you have a friend or relative that does. Surprising them with a hero shot is a great gift!


Feeling Inspired

As many of you know I am pretty new to Indianapolis. I am discovering new places here all the time. My husband and I went to Butler University last Sunday and I fell in love with Holcomb Botanical Gardens. The more I walked the more I thought about  Psalm 90:17 which says:

“And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us,
And establish the work of OUR HANDS for us;
Yes, establish the work of OUR HANDS.”

I grabbed my camera and felt so blessed for being able to capture the beauty of God’s creation! That scenery was so perfect that it looked like an artist had painted it. I was speechless! I literally took over 100 pictures of that peaceful inspiring place!

I would like to share with you some of the best things I saw there. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


More Happy Clients…

I just delivered 2 of our photo shoot packages from last week. I love to see how happy my clients get when they see their images. We are discovering that clients really like to receive the images on USB flash drives versus CDs or DVDs. So we have carefully prepared some very unique packaging for our clients’ images.

Another thing that Cleia Zavan Photography is doing is to go green whenever possible by using recycled or upcycled packaging for better and more sustainable business practices. By providing clients with USB flash drives and small reusable boxes we put something in their hands that not only holds their treasured images, but can also be used again in the future after they have archived their photos on their home computer or uploaded them to the cloud.

What do you think? Do you prefer to receive your images on a USB flash drive, as prints or both? Send me a message on Facebook and let me know. We would love to hear from you!


USB packaging (Left) and 4×6 print packaging (Right). We offer a wide variety of print sizes and options.